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Introduction Dental Expert

From eating to speaking, the mouth serves a number of important functions, so it is important to understand exactly how to keep your mouth and teeth healthy.

Beyond avoiding excessive amounts of sugar and brushing your teeth however, how much do most of us really know about all things dental? In order to help you keep – or achieve – that bright, white, smile, we've compiled a number of articles that we hope you'll find useful.

Whether you're curious about braces, sensitive teeth, bad breath, or the history of the tooth fairy, we've got you covered. And if we don't have what you're looking for, ask your own question! We'll do our best to help.

Our very latest Dental Expert article entitled ‘Can You Be Too Old For Braces?’ was added on Thursday 24th June 2010. New articles also include The History of Teeth Whitening, What is Teeth Grinding and Dentistry Through the Ages.



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